Tuesday, June 18, 2024
Prajapati/Kumhar History

Prajapati/Kumhar History

In ancient times, Prajapati society was at a very high level, at that time people of higher castes used to stay in the houses of castes. In Davapar era, Pandavas also stayed in Prajapati’s house. The culture of Prajapati community has been clean and pure. Since time immemorial, this community has been declining or we can say that the Prajapati community is going backward.
It is only Brahma Ji who uses five elements to create humanity such as air, water, soil, sky and fire. Brahma ji’s son Daksh Prajapati also makes art in utensils using these five elements. All these items are mainly used by all the people. People use them for eating, drinking, living and worship. Be it rich or poor, everyone uses these things.
In the present times, there has been a decline in the use of pottery because the demand for iron, copper and steel utensils has started increasing in place of clay utensils. There are many reasons due to which the people of Prajapati community are lagging behind. One main reason is lack of education. Due to lack of education, our mobility gets limited. Secondly, the people of Prajapati community are dependent on others.
But gradually times are changing, people of Prajapati community are coming forward for education, some people are even going abroad and some are moving forward along with people of other communities. Gradually the barriers to sitting and eating are disappearing.